Steps to Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you call the professionals to clean your carpet, then you can be sure that they’ll be doing a good job at it. This is because they follow a very meticulous process to cleaning carpets in order to produce the best possible results. The goal is to remove a good amount of dirt from the carpet without damaging it. So to get the best possible results, you have to clean your carpet regularly so only a management amount of dirt gets into it.

The first thing that the professionals check when they clean carpets is its present condition. They check the type and construction of the carpet and then they determine where the high traffic areas are. That’s how they determine what the best way to clean it is.

The Steam Cleaning Method

Most professional carpet cleaners use the steam cleaning method as it provides the best possible results. Of course, everything would lie on other factors as well, such as the training that the technicians received, the type of machine used, and the quality of the cleaning solutions applied. When cleaning carpets using the steam cleaning method, the professionals usually follow the steps below:

1. Dirt removal

The first thing that carpet cleaners do is vacuum your carpet. That way, they can remove as much dry dirt as they can before proceeding with other steps such as carpet shampooing. There’s the right way of vacuuming floors and the professionals know about it. Observe how they vacuuming the carpet and what kind of vacuum cleaner the use. That’s the big difference why DIY cleaning is not comparable to professional carpet cleaning.

2. Dirt Suspension

Dirt suspension is the process of separating dirt that’s adhered to the carpet fibers. These are the dirt that vacuuming alone can’t remove. There are at least four ways to get the stubborn dirt suspended and the professionals know how to go about it. They can apply a chemical solution, heat, the agitation process. The right method will be dependent on how much dirt is in the carpet.

3. Suspended Soil Removal

After one of the methods listed above is applied, dirt should have loosened from the carpet. At this point, it has to be removed. To that, the dirt may be absorbed through dry carpet cleaning; removed through wet vacuuming or carpet shampooing; extracted using hot water or steam cleaning; or submerged in water then rinsed.

4. Carpet grooming

Your carpet is already clean at this point but the professionals aren’t done yet. They will groom the carpet so that it looks good and smells wonderful. The piles of the carpet will be scrubbed to minimize matting and crashing. Some solutions may also be added at this point to hasten drying time.

5. Drying

Drying is the final step to cleaning carpets and for many homeowners the least drying time is the most ideal. That way, they can use the room as soon as possible. Wet carpets are prone to staining which is why carpets have to be fully dry before they are used again.